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Hello Michelle,

Just a quick note to say thank you for creating such a beautiful home for us. Once again your meticulous presentation boards helped us visualize what our future home would look like.

The result was wonderful, exactly what we wanted. It has been over a year and we are still amazed by all of the fine details and your creative use of the space. We are so pleased with the choice of colours and fabrics. You were able to seamlessly integrate part of our old stuff into your design and you had a true understanding of the sentimental value of some of our things. We love the "special pieces" you found to compliment them. It is a great feeling to be so happy in our home and with everything that was achieved. Truly remarkable.
Thank you.

Gabi and George

After a Trip to Morocco, I came home obsessed with the architecture and design. I decided that I wanted a Moroccan room in our summer home in Italy, but I was afraid that anything I did would quickly become dated and kitsch-y. Michelle was able to come up with a design that brought together Moroccan elements and blended them organically into the Mediterranean setting. She designed all new interior incorporating architectural features including the small Moroccan ceiling, the silk lamps, the lanterns, and the furniture. Everything exudes a subtle elegance. The authentic plaster colour and tiles in the bathroom. With it is just right. It is, and will always be, my favourite room in the house.

Julie Doernte

Dear Michelle,

I understand totally now why you were the person I had asked to design our shower room and meditation room. Your design truly is an expression of your soul. I have to live and work in a space breathing and glowing with Divine Energy, it feeds me and enables my own Divine expression in my life. Michelle, the meditation room does just that. It is the most beautiful space, and much healing has taken place in there. Everyone also loves the shower room that you so cleverly designed and transformed.

Thank you for the magical work you did in both of those rooms.

Jehnna Jennings, Devon

The property of our new home was just what we were wanting, but the home was so bland and boring. I don't know how you did it but you were able to transform it to into such a perfect home for us. By taking existing furniture and art from three other homes and combining it with a few new pieces amazingly, it all worked perfectly together. You squeezed out the so-needed new guest bathroom in the existing space. You completely reworked the layout of the master bathroom suite. You magically managed to use the unique existing cabinetry that had previously been in a kitchen. It works so well! That bathroom is so wonderful, I love the curves. With a simple modification on the existing kitchen and dining room, you were able to create a space for a family room! I am so glad you persuaded us and did not give in to our uncertainty about the darker blue wall. Everyone comments about it, as it really does highlight the painting. I see now that everything you do has so many reasons that just to change one of your suggestions would have been a huge loss. When it was all put together, you created something so perfect it is wonderful to experience. It all flows. It fits into the way we live and is so user friendly, efficient and time saving. I am blown away each day for all the creative thought that you put into the new layout that works so seamlessly together.

Mr & Mrs Hymas, USA

Michelle Pabarcius was hired to renovate and design two projects for us. The first was to redecorate a large corporate office space, for the Oakwood Group financial service company in Knightsbridge, London. The second project was to renovate and design a study in a private residential flat in Holland Park, London

Michelle was well within budget on both projects. It was important the office needed to be a pleasant work space for employees. It also needed to project a professional and sophisticated image to clients. Michelle chose all of the colour schemes, artwork, furniture, and oversaw the fit out and redecoration work.

We were all thrilled with the outcome, and visitors were always impressed. It was polished but didnít look like every other sterile corporate office.

On our residential study, Michelle faced a particularly difficult challenge. The space was very awkward, with difficult angles, very small and had a terrible view out of two alley- facing windows. Other designers had looked at the space and were not able to envision how to utilize it effectively.

Michelle used the most stunning materials including leather flooring, silk wall paper, and custom metal work to turn an ugly room, into a beautiful room. Her brilliance at space planning made it so we had maximum storage space for files and paperwork, but still have plenty of room for working. Michelle also found an artist to make custom glass panels to hang in the windows.. this way she obscured the unattractive view, but we didnít lose any light.

We have a large flat, but this room is the one which receives the most compliments of any in our home. Our friends all said they had never seen such a clever and creative conversion of a study.

Michael and Amanda Culhane