Interior Design combines passion, knowledge, ingenuity, great enthusiasm and genuine creativity. Michelle also brings intuition, instinct, and emotion to discover what will work in a given space. Design Solutions are born by incorporating the customer's taste and needs while respecting the architecture and location. Each project, individually conceived and unique to each client, maximizes the interior space to provide a positive impact.

Michelle assists the client in discovering what they desire and she infuses their views with new ideas. Every project, regardless of size or budget, presents a design opportunity. There is a thrill that accompanies resolving a design conundrum and implementing a solution that
brings joy to it occupants. Careful consideration is given to room configuration, interior architecture, furniture, fabric, texture and colour. Michelle employs a holistic approach and attention to detail with consideration to the energy of space. Her visions are turned into successful interiors by collaborating with talented people that incorporates multiple elements to create the masterpiece.

Design Solutions creates an interior space that runs more efficiently, promotes harmony and enhances a client's quality of life on many levels. Our process ensures each client has a positive interaction with their internal space and creates something unique, beautiful, and spiritual while remaining practical, and comfortable.