Design Solutions' specialized and unique service brings together different disciplines to ensure your interior environment enhances and supports you in a positive way. Michelle creates interior environments that are visually inspiring and offer health, healing and nurturing for the soul and body.

Michelle harmonises your home by examining the balance of indoor space and the earth. This takes into consideration sustainable design, Feng Shui, colour, subtle energies, space cleansing, electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, and the limiting of other pollutants.

We are not separate from the spaces that surround us and the quality of the environment we spend time in our home and office can profoundly affect us. Modern science has shown that everything around us is interconnected. When we sense a good positive atmosphere in a room, this is due to the manifestation of the energy within that space, which is separate from how the space might look. A bedroom might be well-appointed, but not provide restful sleep or an office may be fully equipped, but not an easy space in which to concentrate or be creative. Michelle recognizes the energy qualities of where you sleep, eat and work every day are vitally important to your continued wellbeing and ensures these aspects are integrated into the design.

Home Harmonising has adapted, enhanced and tested the best of new and ancient ideas to create the ideal practice for the modern age. Michelle is the only Interior Designer that incorporates this knowledge of Home Harmonising into the design process. This enables her to have happy clients with healthy homes and offices.

Michelle respects nature by keeping sustainable products in mind, recycling and sourcing environmentally-friendly resources wherever possible.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the study of Tao or the flow of energy that brings together the vital connection between the visible physical world and the invisible energy fields of all things around you. Michelle uses elements of this ancient art of Feng Shui to balance the natural flow of energy in a home or work place. Applying techniques such as the correct placement and orientation of furniture and artifacts, as well as certain colours, light, pictures and plants positions can impact the well-being of the occupants.

Bau Biologie
Bau Biologie is the most established system for ameliorating the impact of built environments and their toxicity on human health. This science has established methods of reducing the impact of electric fields, chemical toxicities, off gassing of manmade materials, mold and air quality. Michelle uses this knowledge to carefully analyze interior products to limit their environmental pollutants.

Our indoor air is now more polluted than outdoor air due the introduction of man-made materials and sealed building constructions. There are certain types of floor coverings, paints, sprays and many other common household items that can affect the body negatively. Since most people spend most of their time indoors, it is important to take this into consideration when designing a space. Being green is the healthy choice, as people discover that materials and substances in their homes may not support their wellbeing.

Energy Radiation
We are naturally electromagnetic beings, functioning through brain waves and nerve signals. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by electricity and other necessary technology has been found to interfere with the body’s natural biological system and causes imbalance within the body. It can interfere with our body’s natural communication system, especially while sleeping. There can also be detrimental energy radiation from the Earth that is known as geopathic stress. Electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress can unbalance the body. To counter balance this, Michelle examines ways of providing protection to minimize electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress in environments where people play, work and sleep.

Additionally, Michelle performs space clearing to transform your home or office into a sanctuary which radiates positive energy.

Research has shown that the colours surrounding us have a profound effect on the quality of our life. Michelle uses colours to enhance the space and give it identity and character while its healing properties increase the beneficial energy patterns.

Michelle believes that changing our environment creates lasting changes to our lives. Your interior space is considered and examined on many levels. Design Solutions designs environments that are not only beautiful and innovative but also meet clients needs, service their lifestyle and respect the environment. Our interiors are designed so that they are harmonious, nurture the soul and enhance wellbeing.